All you need to know about roof lanterns

All you need to know about roof lanterns

Roof lanterns are very similar to skylights and roof lights, but they are their own amazing feature to add into your existing roof structure. Roof lanterns consist of several windows that come together to create a beautiful shape. They are a great alternative to other modern natural lighting solutions when space is an issue.

A roof lantern can give a room the feeling of additional space and openness. You’ll also benefit from extra lighting that comes from a natural source, directed into the room you install the roof lantern in. In using a roof lantern to add extra light to a room, you’ll be able to save on electricity costs, and become more energy efficient than you were previously. Bringing sunlight into a room can also help heat up the space, which makes roof lanterns great for the colder months.

Roof lanterns have a very unique design, and usually a pitch of around 25% – this is the calculated percentage that a roof lantern rises off of the flat plane of your existing roof. A roof lantern is a strong, durable feature for your roof, and needs to be installed on a flat roof surface for the best effect.

Because of the angles of a roof lantern, when sunlight is directed towards it, each pane of glass takes in the light, allowing for good, even light distribution into the room below. Roof lanterns are a popular natural lighting solution in house extensions, like in orangeries and conservatories. Modern and contemporary homes are particularly fond of using roof lanterns in their design.

Roof lanterns are very efficient. As mentioned, they’re energy saving, because the feature lets in both light and heat, which could help you save money on your gas and electric bills. A roof lantern offers mainly diffused light to the room below it, which is kinder to your furniture, and better at evenly lighting the room.

Like skylights, roof lanterns are also great for your health. Natural lighting solutions flood the room with sunlight, which can be very beneficial for your health. Sunlight is proven to increase vitamin D levels, boost your immune system, and assist with symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and depression.

A roof lantern, as a modern, desirable feature, will also add value to your home. Which is perfect if you’re looking to sell later on. This wonderful feature will transform the look of the exterior of your home. A huge amount of roof lanterns are also made with self-cleaning glass technology, because cleaning a window on your roof is always going to be challenging.

Roof lanterns should be fitted and installed by professionals. The majority of roof lantern manufacturers or suppliers are willing to deliver and install your roof lantern at competitive rates. Roof lanterns also come in a variety of complementary frame colour options, to help them fit in with your home seamlessly. You could even purchase a bespoke roof lantern that can range in size, colour and frame material.