Check The Different Options For Concrete Repair!

Check The Different Options For Concrete Repair!

Sunken or uneven concrete slabs can damage the aesthetics of your property, besides causing additional foundation problems and possible trip hazards. When it comes to concrete repair, there are two basic options – mudjacking and polyurethane concrete raising. Both have the pros and cons, and in this post, we will discuss some of the aspects that matter.

Understanding polyurethane concrete raising

When individual slabs of concrete sunk in, polyurethane concrete raising comes handy. The technique is easy to understand – A special kind of polyurethane foam is injected beneath the surface of the concrete slab. The material expands and causes the concrete slab to rise. The job is done by drilling smaller holes on the surface of the concrete slab, through which the polyurethane material is injected. Experts believe that polyurethane concrete raising is one of the effective ways of repairing concrete slabs. The cost can be higher than mudjacking, because the price of polyurethane foam material is high, especially if you go for one of the waterproof options, but there is no denying that that the system works and addresses most soil and water concerns.

Also, the job is done much faster, and the slab can be used shortly after polyurethane concrete raising is completed. Since the material is extremely light, it doesn’t exert additional pressure on the ground underneath.

Understanding mudjacking

Mudjacking is the traditional method of lifting concrete and is extremely effective in many ways, especially when you want to reduce the repair costs. In this case, a mix of Portland cement, sand and water is used to make slurry, which is then injected underneath the concrete slab that helps in leveling. Mudjacking is inexpensive and works wonders for certain regions, but on the flip side, a large amount of slurry is required in most cases, and the overall time required for the job is also high. Mudjacking is still used in a number of regions and can be considered as an option.

If you want to get help with concrete repair and leveling, you can check with foundation repair companies, which also deal in such work. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured, and don’t forget to ask for an estimate. As compared to mudjacking, polyurethane concrete raising is expensive but the results are more environment-friendly and you can address a lot of the soil concerns. Check online now to find contractors in your area, and before you hire one, ask for a few local client references.