Checkout the Important Reasons to Use Treated Pilings for Backyard

Checkout the Important Reasons to Use Treated Pilings for Backyard

The wooden poles are essential to support public utilities like fiber optic cable, street lights, and transformers to name a few. They are used as hydro pole, power pole, telephone pole, telecommunication pole, telegraph post, transmission pole and so on. In this article, you will learn about some of the advantages of using wooden poles over others.

These poles have lower storage cost as compared to other alternatives. If they are stacked properly, they will consume much lesser space as compared to the concrete and steel poles. The steel poles come with a thin galvanized coating and hence can be damaged easily. Concrete poles are not strong enough to bear hits. This is not the case with wooden poles. The highly durable wooden poles can easily handle surface damage.

What are the topmost uses of treated pilings?

They do not have any special packaging requirements. Treated pilings are tough enough to haul in the rugged terrains as well. They are capable of carrying higher working loads as compared to steel or concrete. This means you would require lesser wood poles per kilometer. In this manner, you could easily reduce the costs. The steel poles require sturdy concrete foundation and collars before they could be fit in the ground. On the other hand, the wooden poles could be easily planted directly into the holes in ground.

The efficient poles have a service life of around 50-90 years depending on the maintenance, pole’s properties as well as the climatic conditions of the area. Their alternatives could not last for more than 50 years. Moreover, steel is usually affected by corrosion that is triggered by any one of the following conditions –

  • Sand, dirt or even snow
  • Fire, scraping and denting
  • Saline soil
  • Acid
  • Climate

The removal any re-usage of the wooden poles is much simpler than their alternatives. In order to use the steel poles, they have to undergo intensive treatments in workshops. Similarly, re-usage of the concrete poles is even more complicated.

Are they harmful for environment?

While choosing the poles you have to ensure that they do not damage the environment. The wooden poles come from highly managed forest. Neither steel nor concrete come from a renewable source. Before purchasing any pole, you must be aware of its electrical properties. As wood comes with amazing insulating properties, it is a much safer material than concrete or steel. Besides this, they are much simpler to machine them as per customer’s requirements.