Comparing Chimney Sweep Services? Don’t Forget These Things!

Comparing Chimney Sweep Services? Don’t Forget These Things!

As a homeowner, you should consider the maintenance and cleaning of home chimneys every year. Unless you live an extremely cold region, the chimneys won’t be used for most months as the fireplace is not in action. However, chimneys often become the den for pests and birds, and this is not a DIY job for the weekend. When it comes to cleaning chimneys, you should hire a company that specializes in such tasks and can send their team of professionals to check your work requirements. Quite expectedly, not all services are the same, and as a customer, you must do your research. Here are the things you need to check before you hire a company for cleaning a chimney.

Don’t miss the first aspects

First things first, a chimney sweep service should be licensed, certified and insured. If you check the internet, you will come across companies that make all sorts of claims about their work, accolades and certifications. However, most of it is just words. More than other things, you should first see if the company has been certified by CSIA, if you are located in the US. Any company that’s certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America is worth your trust, because their staff members are genuine and have the necessary skills and training for the job.

More on insurance

Chimney cleaning is one of the complicated jobs related to home maintenance. The workers and cleaners often have to work on edgy rooftops, and to be very honest, workplace injuries are not uncommon in the chimney sweep business. As a customer, you don’t want to bear the expenses and medical bills of their staff members, and to avoid that, you need to check if the company has paid for workers’ compensation insurance. The concerned service should ideally have general liability insurance, as well. If their workers end up damaging the roof or parts of your property, you should not be handling the liabilities.

Pricing and work approach

Chimney cleaning is a onetime job, and in most cases, homeowners hire a company when they need assistance. As such, getting an estimate is more than important. You have to check if the concerned service offers free quotes after checking the chimneys and fireplace. They may check the current condition of your chimneys, and based on the actual repair and cleaning work, the company will send an estimate on email. Homeowners should also take interest in their chimney cleaning process. You need to talk to the service about the kind of equipment they have for the job and whether they have taken additional steps for the safety and protection of their workers.

Finally, do talk to the chimney sweep service about their service terms and conditions. In case you are not happy with the job, they should offer a moneyback guarantee or at least redo the job for no extra cost. Check online now to find the best services in your city, and to know a company better, always ask for references.