Do You Know What to Do If Septic System Fails?

Do You Know What to Do If Septic System Fails?

If you neglect proper maintenance of your septic system or if it is poorly designed then it often fails to work properly. There are few septic systems that are soil based with a drain field that are placed in such kind of place where there is not enough soil available or there are excessive slopes or the ground water table may be too high. Such kind of situation can lead to contamination of water sources at nearby place or any other hydraulic failures.

If you are careless about timely maintenance like regularly pumping out the septic tank at least once in 3 to 5 years then there can be solid deposits in septic tank which can clog the total system.

Also, during septic field design if the surrounding trees are not considered while routing the pipeline then the tree roots can also grow underground and clog the pipelines. This is a design problem and therefore it is essential to take support of a knowledgeable professional while designing the septic system in your property.

What to do if septic system develops problem?

There must be any local service providers available for repair of septic system in your area. In case there is no such service provider nearby then contact the local health department. If there is no such department nearby then contact waste-water treatment agency who may be operating in your area. You can get their telephone number directly by searching in the local telephone directory.

You can also find details about numbers of service providers from their website and also know about many things that can be useful to you.

What to do if your home gets flooded

In case your plumbing system installed in the bathroom cannot stop the sewage water and the sewage water flows back to home then it can create a very filthy atmosphere in your residence. In such situation you should take necessary precautions and ensure that your family stays away from the sewage water.

It is essential to clean all tools and equipment and clothes used during the cleaning. You must disinfect the entire area by using bleaching powder mixed with water. Dry out the complete area and don’t use till it is totally dried out.

In case, you need any kind of technical assistance then contact The National Environmental Service Center for necessary guidance.