Few Important Information About Flame Retardant Wood

Few Important Information About Flame Retardant Wood

Home owners must know about flame retardant wood which can prevent fire in the household. This is necessary for security of your home as well as your loved ones. You can use such fire resistant woods in your balconies, decks, roof coverings and many more places. There are numbers of approved lumbers available which will guarantee about its fire resistant properties by providing a coating on the wood without any interference of chemicals.

If you buy woods meant for any modern building then as per the building codes, you will have to buy only fire resistant woods to be used for various places of the building. They will not only prevent occurrence of fire and smoke but also slows down burning process so that occupants of the building get sufficient time to move away.

Common uses of fire retarded wood

Such type of woods can be used in any place where there is a possibility of fire. You must consider using these woods in a location where there is enough numbers of fire fighters or water sprinklers are available. Such kind of woods can also ensure that various healthcare facilities remain protected. Fire fighters will ensure that healthcare facilities will remain undamaged. Also such fire resistant woods must be used on such locations where family members and their expensive items remain safe and well protected.

How woods are made fire retardant?

The fire resistant lumber is created out of ordinary lumber which is pressure treated with the help of uniform chemical blend. Due to pressure treatment it remains protected against any normal environmental processes like aging, insects and molds. Wood is further re dried in order to remove moisture content so that it can conform to building grades. After that necessary anti flame treatments are done based on their individual application. The treatment of woods to be used for indoor is different from the treatment given to outdoor woods.

Benefits of fire retardant woods

Following are the main benefits of such fire retardant woods:

  • It can protect the house from most common disasters like fire
  • As the woods are so treated that their burning process becomes very slow. Therefore in case of any unfortunate fire incident the occupant will get sufficient time to escape from the place unharmed.
  • Very useful for places like hospitals or schools

  • Besides fire resistant property such woods also discourage the growth of any insects and termites.

With the above information you can select suitable woods to be used at your home.