How Smart is Your Home?

How Smart is Your Home?

You have probably heard about smart technology. Smart phones and smart TVs are two of the most notable additions to smart technology, which is basically any electronic device that connects to the internet to provide additional features and functions.

Smart technology is showing no signs of stopping there however, with a huge increase in smart devices covering almost everything imaginable. The latest big step in smart technology? The smart home.

How Smart is Your Home?

A smart home refers to any home that features a range of smart devices that are interconnected. They can be used for various functions depending on what you have, from security to entertainment to reducing fuel bills and emissions.

While you probably have a smartphone and maybe a smart TV, is there other smart technology present? Let’s take a closer look at some essential smart home devices and the benefits they offer.

Smart Security

Smart video doorbells, locks, alarms, and cameras are the main components of smart security. These are basically traditional security systems that are upgraded with smart technology to greatly improve their functionality.

For instance, with a smart doorbell you can view whoever is at your front door using the built-in camera, even being able to view it when away from your home. Smart security cameras are viewable from a smartphone from any location for added security and convenience, while a smart alarm system can contact your smartphone and the authorities whenever there is a security breach.

Smart Lighting

Home lighting has come a long way thanks to smart technology – you can now control all aspects of your home lighting though a single device. For instance, you can adjust the brightness and colour of your lighting using voice commands directly to your home.

This is fantastic for convenient lighting options around the home – which is ideal for setting that perfect ambience when you get home from work – but also to help better control your lighting, such as turning off lights you forgot about after leaving the house or leaving certain lights on when away to work.

Smart Heating 

Smart thermostats are very popular, providing homeowners with better control over their home heating. The allow your heating to be adjusted to specific settings directly from a smartphone or computer, while providing helpful data regarding your energy usage.

This helps to get a better idea of your energy consumption which can be used to reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. These devices have become very popular for their ability to help save a lot of money, making them a worthwhile investment for most people.

Smart Speakers

One of the best known smart devices, smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home provide a useful tool for various applications, from getting cooking recipes to answering homework questions to playing songs online.