Maintain Your Central Heat Pump With These Easy Tips

Maintain Your Central Heat Pump With These Easy Tips

Central heat pumps are the appliances that generate heat or air conditioning by transferring heat. They have applicability in summer as well as in winter. In summer they act as air conditioning while in winter they act as heating appliances. It is one of the best appliances designed for comfort and luxury. You don’t have to own air conditioning and heating devices separately. This allows you to save space in your house.

How does the central heat pump work

Central heat pump acts as a heat transporter. It moves warm air from one place to another. Indeed, even in the air that appears to be excessively chilly, warm vitality is available. At the point when it’s chilly outside a warmth pump removes this outside warmth and exchanges it inside. At the point when it’s warm outside, it turns around headings and acts like a ventilation system, expelling heat from your home.

It is a sophisticated appliance and requires your care and maintenance. Though it is not possible to service broken central heat pump (thermopompe centrale brisé) on your own, it is quite easier to maintain the heat pump to ensure its optimum efficiency.

Tips to maintain your central heat pump

  • It is advisable to start with the indoor unit of the pump. Shut off the power supply and disconnect the power cable. Ensure that all the electrical connections inside the indoor part of the pump are tight. Repair the connection if you find any burnt wire or substances. Subsequently, check the blower of the pump. Make sure that there are no unwanted particles around the blower. Clean the blower and oil its motor. It is advisable to use a good quality lubrication oil.

  • The outdoor unit of the heat pump follows next. Check all the connections and ensure that there is no faulty connection. Replace burnt wire if any.
  • You also need to clean the condenser coils. You can use a cloth or brush to clean the fins of the coil. You need to be extra careful as the fins tend to bend easily. After cleaning the coil from inside as well as outside, straighten all the bent fins of the coil. It is advisable to use a fin comb to straighten the bent fins.
  • Lastly, check the plug and replace if it has become loose or is broken.

Connect the unit to the power supply and you will feel an improvement in the performance.