Seven Awesome Walk-in-Closet Ideas

Seven Awesome Walk-in-Closet Ideas

In order to help you style your closet, you will want to check out closet ideas online. Modern styling is the best for a cluttered-free room to display your clothes in a beautiful manner. It is important o have a definite style in mind to ensure you come up with a cohesive-looking closet you can stick with. After getting the basics of your walk-in-closet in order, consider the following the ideas.

Install a Dressing Island

A dressing island is a great addition to your closet if you have the space. Islands are available in various sizes and shapes. Make sure to pick one that has lots of shelves and storage drawers for maximum storage. Consider adding boxes or trays to the island top for smaller items such as keys, pocket change or jewelry.

Let your Clothes Shine by Having a White Backdrop

The color white is a great backdrop to highlight your clothing pieces. White is bright in a dark room and looks always new.

Ensure you have a Seating Area

To make sure that you make the most of your walk-in-closet and you enjoy spending time here, have a seating. Consider sitting on an ottoman while getting your shoes on or laying out your outfits on it. Depending on what your closet’s shape is, narrow benches work best in closets that are straight and with one aisle while round ottomans work better in big open closets.

Consider a Built-in Vanity

No matter how much space you have, you can add a vanity to your walk-in-closet. The vanity has a countertop, drawers, dedicated lighting, stool or seat and mirror.

Set the Mood with Lighting

With cool lighting, you can create a focal point or design. Improve the brightness in the room, especially if the room does not have windows. Also, cool lighting helps highlight your accessories. You don’t want to dress up or apply make-up with lighting.

Showcase your Belongings Like a Pro

To achieve this, you will want to artfully organize your items. Group your items such as shoes or bags in a particular section. Make combinations or vignettes of your favorite stuff for display. Also, you can make use of a coordinated series of hangers for your clothing. For more closet ideas, check out our website.

Create an Innovative Space for your Accessories

Make use of innovative displays to come up with an impressive and unique closet space. For more ideas on this, you can check out the hottest fashion boutiques. Displays can include racks, open bookcases, retail jewelry displays and mannequins.